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With all the recent attention being placed on the current strain of coronavirus, COVID-19, I wanted to send out some information about what you can do to help prevent the spread.  This information applies to any sickness in general, like the flu, however with the speed at which COVID-19 seems to be traveling anything we can do to slow it down is helpful. 


Major manufacturers, like Apple, Google, and Samsung, have changed their websites to say that you can now use isopropyl alcohol wipes or disinfectant wipes on their devices.  Obviously, you don't want to pour liquid onto your electronic devices, but alcohol-based wipes can be used to gently wipe surfaces as they will not get into ports and do not drip.


Below are steps to clean various devices that you might touch in your day-to-day activities.  But the general rule is that if you are going to disinfect a device, make sure to power it off or unplug it first.  Also, I personally use Lysol brand disinfectant wipes as they tend to leave less lint behind, however ANY disinfectant wipes will be fine.  For devices with glass screens you should optionally be able to use an alcohol wipe (like glasses cleaner) on the surface.


Cleaning Desktops:


  • Detach keyboards, mice, and other peripherals from the computer prior to wiping them down, OR power down the entire computer

  • Wipe the peripherals down with a wipe, and discard the wipe after using it.

  • Dry the peripheral(s) off with a microfiber cloth

  • Reconnect the peripheral(s) to the computer or power it back on to use

  • To avoid potential cross-contamination, 1 wipe per machine is recommended

Cleaning Laptops:

  • Power down the laptop

  • Go over the screen and bezel with the wipe, then dry off with a microfiber cloth, to minimize the length of time the screen is wet

  • Now wipe the keyboard, using top-down strokes, across the keyboard.  Sometimes, going side-to-side can dislodge the keys

  • Wipe the rest of the top surface area, including the track pad and case, and dry with a microfiber cloth

  • Close the lid, and wipe down the top cover of the laptop, and dry with the microfiber cloth

  • Repeat this for the sides and bottom


Tablets and Phones:

  • Power the phone or tablet off prior to wiping it down (touch screens don't like liquid!)

  • Wipe down the front of the device and dry with a microfiber cloth

  • While holding the device with the microfiber cloth, repeat for the back and sides

  • Wrap the entire device with the microfiber and dry

  • Turn the device back on


Device Cases:

  • Yes don't forget cases!  Remove the device (and hey, maybe clean it while it's out)

  • Wipe down the case with a wipe and either dry it with a microfiber cloth or allow it to air dry

  • Re-insert the device and you're good to go


Other Devices:

  • It is much the same for other devices not mentioned here.  Again, electronics DO NOT LIKE liquids! 

  • Power them down before cleaning, and be sure to dry them off with a microfiber cloth BEFORE turning them back on.

  • If you are unsure if the device is fully dry, DO NOT turn it back on right away. 

  • Allow it to air dry, or place it by a fan to dry faster and turn it on when it is completely dry.


For Public Devices:

  • This one is more difficult, but if possible, have them wiped down as often as possible.

  • If possible, have people wash their hands or provide disinfectant for them to use before AND after using the devices.

  • If someone appears to already be sick, you may have to make a judgment call about whether to let them use a public device or not. 

  • At the very least, have them wash before and after, and make sure to disinfect the device they were using before anyone else does.


Devices You Touch:

  • Don't forget that it is just as important to make sure you are protecting yourself and others

  • Before touching a device, either wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to avoid spreading germs you may be carrying to a device

  • When done, to avoid picking up something, re-wash your hands or re-apply hand sanitizer

  • And don't forget cords!  Power and charging cords can be cleaned with a wipe as well


All devices that come in to me for service will also have their surfaces cleaned thoroughly using the methods described above prior to being worked on.

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