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Looking for PC Plus?

Hi and welcome to My NetWORKS!  You may be surprised to be here.  Let us explain...

PC Plus was in business for many years, operating in Lebanon, MO.  In the summer of 2016, PC Plus closed its doors.  This left a gap in coverage for folks who needed computer help in their homes and businesses, and that is where My NetWORKS comes in!

My NetWORKS started in October, 2016.  We want to be your "go to" place for all things tech!  While we are not affiliated with the former PC Plus, we provide many of the same services plus much more, and at great rates!

Below is our contact information, and a button to go back to our homepage.  Please feel free to explore, like, and share!

Please call My NetWORKS today and follow us on social media!

Phone:  417-501-9138

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