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Library Public Wi-Fi

This page is here to help provide information regarding the Library's public Wi-Fi during the COVID-19 outbreak.  We are proud to work with the Library to provide FREE Wi-Fi during the time the Library is closed.

Our intention is to provide access to anyone who does not have access to Internet at home, particularly students who needs to use their school district provided Chromebooks for assignments and videos.

Here's how to get connected:

  1. When you arrive at the Library, be sure your device has its Wi-Fi turned on.

  2. Look for a network called "Library Public", and attempt to connect to it.

  3. Before you can browse the Internet, you will see a page appear with information about the Wi-Fi and terms of service to accept. 

  4. This is called a "captive portal", much like Wi-Fi at a hotel or other public setting.  Depending on what device you are using it looks similar to the image below. 

  5. Please review the terms of service, click to agree, and then click the Connect button.  Then you should be able to browse the Internet! * **


* It is possible on some devices (like Chromebooks), that you may see a notice from your device that says you need to visit the Wi-Fi network's login page to proceed.  Clicking this notification will take you to the captive portal page above.  An example of this message is below.

** On some Apple devices, after clicking the Connect button you may see an additional white screen with the word "Done" or "Success" on it, and lettering at the bottom that says "".  This is a confirmation screen and after you click Done at the bottom you can browse the Internet.  An example is below.

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